Bodycount - Playstation 3

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AI is class based, each operating diffently and possesing different behaviors depending on the situation

3 in-game factions (the Army, the Millitia and the Target), each with signature color scheme and appearance

Take on open levels in campaign and online co-op and competitive multiplayer modes

Execute skill kills, build combat combat chains and collect intel to earn combat upgrades

Shred through cover and enemies to carve a unique path of destruction

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Bodycount reboots the First Person Shooter with a single-minded focus on delivering best-in-class gunplay. Gamers will experience the intense satisfaction of spectacular close-quarters combat in a shreddable world as players and opponents tear through cover to execute explosive kills. The first game from Codemasters Guildford Studio, Bodycount is being developed using the EGO Game Technology Platform, an evolution of the award-winning EGO engine. Ensnared in a clandestine global power struggle that rages under the cover of conventional war zones in Africa and Asia, players must eliminate a relentlessly evil enemy known only as ‘The Target’ on behalf of the ‘Network’. After being dropped into chaotic areas of operations, gamers deploy a mouth-watering selection of contemporary firearms to tear through environments and enemies, chaining kills and earning power ups. Complimented by co-operative and multiplayer modes, Bodycount will set new standards for intense, outrageous arcade action and put the fun back into the FPS.

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